A new new year

In years past, I’ve resolved to drink more, be more selfish, and become a meaner person. While the drinking and meanness haven’t worked out for me, being a bit more selfish actually has. This year as with last, I resolve to pick up new skills. In the week plus since 2014 arrived, I’ve signed up for two new tech skills classes, a 5k, and worked daily on improving my French.

No snow for us, so we made our own.
I’m already an excellent play-doh maker.

Way back in ’95 or ’96 when I first got online (shoutout to AOL chatrooms!), a popular thing to do was to build websites. At the time, I had a boyfriend who was into that and so, I started to learn html. It was fascinating, the way I could decorate my little geocities site and make flames, colored text and photos appear with just a bit of code. I maintained basic coding skills for some time, and I even built and maintained one of my (many) old blogs myself. Eventually, I moved on, but there’s always been a teeny tiny part of me that fantasizes about being a ’90s era hackers. So when I saw a link recently to Code Academy, I thought, why not? And now, I’m going to have the best blazing text geocities style website ever built. I know, you’re jealous. Problem easily solved though, b/c Code Academy can teach you too.

I was cruising facebook, as one does, when I spotted an ad for Color Me Rad. I’d seen plenty of pictures from these events over the past few years and always thought it looked like a cute thing to do. I’m no runner. I did have a period last summer when I worked out including biking or running every single day, and guess what? Running never became enjoyable. Me no likey. At all. In spite of that fact, when I saw that a race was to be held in my city on my birthday, I found myself signing with just the slightest nudge from L (“whatever you want to do, yo”) and my bff (“yaaaaaaas!”). I haven’t decided if I’ll actually run or if I’ll just walk but either way, it better be it’s going to be fun.

Three of my cousins decided to get married this year. In three different countries! One of them is my only cousin on my dad’s side. I’m making a big effort to be there b/c my grandmother, Fifi (most french nickname ever??) will be there and I haven’t seen her in over 30 years. How does that happen? Long story. Anyway, she doesn’t speak English, and my French is laughable. I would love to be able to communicate with her without too much help from bilingual family members. Duolingo is helping me get there, I hope.

Any plans to learn new skills this year? And am I the only one who hears this Aaliyah song play in their head any time they hear the word resolution? Hm.

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Three things

nailed it

  1. A timely (and totally relevant to my holiday) post from a favorite blog-Redefining Christmas (Without Offending Anyone)
  2. Beyoncé has a new album out today and I was thrilled to hear a track featuring a writer whose work I admire. Read her verse here.
  3. Yesterday, I worked on an anthro inspired garland on and off, restarted it twice, and found I still didn’t like it. Womp womp. Poly felt just didn’t cut it, the strips were too long and too wide and I think I let my new found love of rainbows guide me a bit too much. I did it as pictured above and I also tried a gradient rainbow. Yea…um, no. Didn’t work out. This is my last week of school, so I am now free to spend my days crafting till my fingers fall off! Not really, but a girl can dream, eh?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Thrift store regrets

You know how some people have buyer’s remorse? Well after visiting my favorite local thrift stores, I usually have buyer’s regret. If I had a dollar for every beautiful piece of furniture or cool dress that I’ve left behind, I’d probably have enough money to buy one of those cool dresses and get it cleaned and tailored. I even have a dress in mind.

buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight?

It’s that lovely buffalo plaid number. It just jumped out at me on the rack and I flirted with the idea of wearing it. I pictured hub or one of the kids snapping shots while I twirled around my garden, hoping for the perfect instagram shot. Sadly, it would’ve needed some work and honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d be brave enough to wear it out. Still, it was something unusual, and I liked that.

vanity fair

My dream bedroom has enough space for a velvet fainting couch, luxurious linens, and my (imaginary at the moment) feather boa trim robe. Yes, my dream bedroom is in the 1930s. So, every time I come across a vanity, I squeal a little bit inside, and try to think of a way I could rearrange my bedroom furniture to accommodate  it. This one is a little plain, but I could work it!

with a chairy on top

I have an addiction that few people know about. Its gotten better in recent years, but when I see groups like the one above, my chair buying habit kicks into overtime. I have an overflow chair stash on my patio and I know one day my kids will get tired of tripping over chair legs and hub will ask me to cull my stash. Unfortunately (depending on who you ask), I’ve run out of room for chairs and so, all I took home from the Habitat ReStore that day was a picture. Womp, womp.

Tell me, have you ever experienced buyer’s regret?

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VB native Pharrell Williams has created the world’s first 24 hour music video. Hear the infectious song and see the dancing here. And have you seen his youtube channel iamOTHER? My favorite series? Definitely StereoTypes. Happy Friday!

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I had a beautiful weekend. No, seriously, it was a visual treat. I spent part of Saturday at the Hermitage Museum & Gardens. I’d never been before and only walked a small bit of the grounds, but what I saw was breathtaking. I didn’t have my camera for much of the time but I plan to explore further when I go back next weekend. I also missed a chance to peek in at some studio artists at work, so I’m hoping to see them as well.


Following the Hermitage, L and I took advantage of some child free time and went to India Fest. I went solely for the textiles, and L, for the food.


Just gorgeous!

Saturday afternoon featured a leisurely drive through the country (and a ride back in super thick fog!) to a birthday dinner for L and his twin. Fun fact: they have different birth dates, L is a few minutes older.  I spent some time on Sunday continuing the pinterestification of my home. Yes, I made that up.

How was your weekend?

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