Heidi was unschooled.

We love to listen to audiobooks in the car. I feel that they are more inclusive because they are interesting to readers who may not be able to read certain books on their own yet while keeping the interest of readers who probably would not have read them for pleasure. I’ve found that they also boost a child’s vocabulary. I picked up Heidi at the library last week at Wren’s request. It was on my favorite books as a child and I have a beautiful copy. I think Wren was somewhat intimidated by the size of the book and so she asked for the audiobook. While listening, this passage leapt out at me:

” The child should have been sent to school a year ago, and she certainly ought to have gone this winter,” said the pastor; ” the teacher has sent you word about it, but you have made no reply. What do you intend to do with her, neighbor ? “
” I do not intend to send her to school,” was the answer.
The pastor looked in surprise at the old man as he sat with folded arms on his bench and looked very determined.
“What are you going to make of the child?” then asked the pastor.
” Nothing; she grows and thrives with the goats and the birds ; she is well enough with them, and she learns no harm from them.”

Indeed! And this was a book written over a hundred years ago!

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4 Responses to Heidi was unschooled.

  1. Angela says:

    That is awesome. I never read Heidi although it’s on our list. Who knew?

  2. Terri says:

    I love it! What a great observation.

  3. Anna says:

    That’s a really good idea. We have a long car trip to Oklahoma this summer and I’m going to pick up some children’s audiobooks to bring along!

  4. Love it! Putting it on our list. Pippi Longstocking was also unschooled. 🙂

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