Year end curriculum reviews: Math and Language Arts

Math Mammoth was suggested to me as an inexpensive alternative to Singapore Math. I love that the worktext is open and go and teaches directly to the student. The series is mastery based and after the hell that was Everyday Mathematics (in public school), MM is a dream. I find it to operate about half a grade level ahead. So MM 3B would be equivalent to the first half of fourth grade. We started out doing every single problem on every page, but it tends to get repetitive. I think you could do half (every other problem) once your child has mastered a concept and feel sure they are doing enough.

Maria from Math Mammoth suggests using Math Made Easy for Kindergarten and so that’s what we did. We could’ve skipped the first quarter to half of the book as Finch already knew the concepts covered. I figured it couldn’t hurt to reinforce his knowledge as long as he wasn’t bored. We started using it in December maybe? I don’t think it would cover an entire school year even if done all the way.

We couldn’t have gotten through the year without Khan Academy. Robin and Wren used the site quite a bit. When the explanations given in their worktexts (or those given by their mother) weren’t enough, they loved being able to just get online and search for what they needed. And I love that there’s a practice feature.

Our must-have manipulative was unifix cubes which the kids loved to play with.

Finch and I work from The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons
on a daily basis. The popular choices for homeschoolers just didn’t work for us and so here we are. My only complaint is that sentences in the early part of the book are shown beginning with a lowercase letter. Frustrating when you are also trying to teach basic grammar rules.

There is a large gap between part two and part three of the Bob Books series. See this review. Brand New Readers bridge it well. The books are short, colorful and easy to understand. They really helped to build Finch’s confidence and he asked to read many times.

The older kids did Evan Moor Daily Language Review. It features short but clear exercises and was perfect for our needs. They mentioned to me that they used this in public school too.

Robin and Wren also worked from Evan Moor Grammar and Punctuation.These exercises were too short and too shallow. I also realized I’m a fan of more natural, gradual progression of grammar rather than an arbitrary list of rules to be followed, so we won’t be using this again.


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