Year end curriculum reviews: Science, History, and Art

For science this year, in addition to co-op classes and similar enrichment, the older kids used Read and Understand Science. I liked that it left room  for experiments and other addons but also required writing with each assignment. For example, Robin had to distinguish between compounds and mixtures in a recipe that he wrote himself.

I first heard about the Let’s Read and Find Out series from my homeschooling mentor but didn’t truly pay attention until we were looking for some new books. Finch has been obsessed with weather since he was 3 and so we are always on the lookout for something we may not have seen before. The books are informative and age appropriate and I think they’re great for the K-3 set. My kids wanted to read and hear these again and again.

History was mostly through our co-op but we did listen to The Story of the World on CD. I know many secular homeschoolers have beef with SOTW. I decided to go with what was most popular and it was perfectly adequate for my needs as a beginning homeschooler who didn’t want to be overwhelmed.

The kids really enjoy art and I wish we’d had more time to do it regularly during the school year. We used The Usborne Art Treasury. We have a ton of art supplies at home, so most of the time, I just opened the book and chose a project based on what we already had. This is another book that would make a great spine as it’s very simple. There is a short bio and sample of the work of each artist across two pages. The next two pages show the project to be completed in the style of the artist. I think the favorite was blowing paint across watercolor paper to create a landscape. Cool, eh?


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