Weekend Links, now with 100% more snark!

School Discipline Study Raises Fresh Questions-Ah, Texas and school discipline. A subject I am all too familiar with. We lived in Texas for nearly 10 years and it’s where my oldest two children started school. Robin was once given in school suspension for eating another child’s goldfish crackers in the 2nd grade. I kid you not. How we all managed to survive as a public school family for as long as we did is a testament to perseverance, parental stupidity, exhaustion and surrender.

Charter School Battle Shifts to Affluent Suburbs-Is it just me or is charter school often code for “black and brown” and affluent suburb often code for “white”?

American Girls Sweep Google’s First Science Fair-How cool is this? Having gone to a math/science magnet high school (even though it wasn’t a good fit) and having a daughter in a STEM program, this makes me happy to read.

The educational value of creative disobedience

The boy in the mirror – The quest for excellence at one Japanese school seems to come at the expense of self esteem.


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