What I’m doing instead

The kids are headed back to school this fall, and so am I. A small series of events in my life have lead to this decision. It wasn’t an easy one, but I’m not sure I could juggle their schooling and mine well. I’ve done the working mom going to school with school age and younger kids before, so this is not a totally new experience. All the things I hated and thought I left behind when we began to homeschool haven’t gone away, but there are a few differences. Robin will be in middle school. Wren and Finch will attend the neighborhood elementary school. I’m not going to lie, I feel anxious, especially since my main motivation for sending them back is not some miraculous overhaul of schools.  However, I’m optimistic about the long term effects this will have on us all. I read this entry over at Small Things and found one line I’ve decided can be my mantra: “I am a mother and I can advocate for my child even if doing so makes people think I am difficult or crazy.


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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7 Responses to What I’m doing instead

  1. It’s a great quote and so true. Best of luck to you and yours. Things will be fine. What are you studying?

  2. I like your mantra.
    I also think that your children are and will continue to be very well-rounded, able to handle a variety of situations and learning styles. I may have homeschooled/unschooled, but I know that it isn’t for everyone and that it sometimes depends upon seemingly-perfect circumstances to achieve it (time, money, energy, etc). Personally, I thrived in school and I wouldn’t have if I were homeschooled. I think that as long as it works for those involved, and I believe that it will, you’re on the right path.

  3. Anna says:

    I love your mantra. 🙂 It’s exciting that you’re going back to school. I’d love to know more about that! Your kids are wonderful and I’m sure all of the experiences you’re guiding them through are enriching their lives every day, no matter what they are.

  4. stefanie says:

    yes, I want to know, too: what are you studying?
    as appealing as homeschooling is to me (most of the public schools here are just dreadful, for reasons I never or rarely hear cited by homeschoolers: no standards, low scores, no motivation, lots of downright stupid teachers), I do daydream about back to school time and if the schools here were better, I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize them. I’m a little jealous that you get to experience all the pencil and backpack buying and new outfit choosing that comes with regular school. we’ll see if things shape up around here enough to allow for all that in a few years!

    • Ironically, I am going back to earn teacher licensure which I need in order to become a school librarian! I’m flip flopping though and thinking of becoming a research librarian instead.

  5. Tanashia says:

    “I am a mother and I can advocate for my child even if doing so makes people think I am difficult or crazy.“

    Love it! Going to share it with my sisters. Our family homeschooled a couple of years ago and some unexpected things happened and we had to send our daughter back to school. We are planning to homeschool again this fall and I am three classes shy of my BSN degree. Probably wont finish those up until next year. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

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