Weekend Links

Confronting Gender Anxiety

Confessions of an Edu-Traitor Should college admission be the goal of K-12 education?

Who Needs Summer Homework?


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2 Responses to Weekend Links

  1. stefanie says:

    I shared that second (edu-traitor) one with my partner. He teaches high school, has a couple of classes that are, to put it plainly, the administration’s dumping grounds. Video Production, Web Design. Some of the kids in his classes are begging for vo-tech futures, for someone to say “hey, you’re really good at fixing cars,” or “you have an eye for lighting” or whatever, to legitimize their interests and strengths instead of making them feel stupid. Of course, the school’s goal is for 100% of students to go to a university or community college, and what happens? The “dumb” kids flunk out and nobody cares because they were just bringing down the average. Bonus: I hope someday one of those kids gets to overcharge his or her former principal for a carburetor replacement.

    • Stefanie, this is so true. I think people are afraid to lead kids down a path that doesn’t lead to a college degree when that isn’t where every child should or wants to head.

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