I was inspired to make some cupcakes for the kids’ after school snack on Friday, and so I did. They were a huge hit with my kiddos and the neighborkids.

Later, we went down to the beach with my husband’s parents, plus his brother and his family.

We saw these mermaids down on the boardwalk near the sand sculptures and later had some very expensive funnel cakes.mermaids

Saturday morning found us at ballet and then a local children’s festival. Lark enjoyed the giant bubble buckets.

Wren got her hair colored…

We watched and listened to Aesop’s Fables as presented by the Virginia Stage Company

Love this crown that Wren bought. I think it would make an adorable (easy) gift.

Wren asked if we could participate in the stroller parade and we did. I didn’t get any pictures, but our stroller was covered with balloons and crepe paper streamers. There were four participants, the first three won tickets to Sesame Street Live. We were the fourth group, and AT&T ended up giving us a set of tickets anyway. Very kind. We had a great time.

Sunday morning, the plan was to go hiking, but it was really hard to get out of bed. It was cold and we were supposed to hike a new trail. I didn’t particularly feel like hiking a passive trail in the cold and almost rain, and so, we stayed home. The rest of the family headed out later for more birthday celebrations for Papa (FIL), and I used that time to finish some coursework. How was your weekend?


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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3 Responses to Weekending

  1. Love the Halloween frocks! Looks like an awesome weekend!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! love her tiara too 🙂

  3. Darcel says:

    Your weekend was more fun than ours! LOVE the pics. Sounds like you all had a very fun and full weekend.

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