Weekend Links

At Waldorf School…Technology Can Wait Nothing new or surprising here. Privileged kids don’t need the advantage that technology in schools can (supposedly) provide.

With workplace training, Japan’s Kosen colleges bridge skills gap

Rhythm, Waldorf Style It seems that lately, I have had my thinking reversed in the mornings and tried to structure our day around activity. So, I completely connected with the bit about the four anchors and how activities should be transitions between the four. I realize that I need to have less expectation about my day with a 21 month old. I know, not rocket science. In an effort to feel like I am doing something with Lark, I’ve ended up frustrated if I don’t remember to sing the right songs or we didn’t have circle time, or whatever. Truth is, she’s content to eat paint and blow bubbles all day. Again, this being my fourth go round, you’d think I’d know this. I did know. But I forgot. 😉

School is more boring now


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  1. Anna says:

    I’ve felt like that with Ash. Beaten myself up on certain days when I think I’ve been unproductive with my time with him. But man it’s just so different with the 3rd and I’m sure 4th compared to when there was just you and your only. I have to cut myself a break sometimes when our days are random. Random can be good too I think.

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