I feel like I’ve been running non stop for the past week. There was the first grade field trip to the zoo in the (cold) rain with Finch’s class. Later that day, there was the first grade musical performance. What’s cuter than singing first graders in matching outfits? Um, almost nothing. L was not well and so there were doctor’s visits, too. Wren had rehearsal and then performed in the Grand Illumination Parade which we attended with Darcel and her family. Wren’s Girl Scout troop is extremely focused on giving this year, so this weekend they held a stocking stuffing for shelters event. I also managed to squeeze in buying some new tops for Robin who is growing like a weed. We ended the weekend with a playdate for Finch (and me) with new friends. By Saturday evening, Lark had come down with a fever, so she was down for the count on Sunday. I was kind of bummed b/c we had plans with our newly forming Waldorf inspired group today. Then I realized how tired I was from running around this weekend (DH’s car is in the shop, so we are sharing mine) and decided maybe her illness was a good thing. Now, of course I don’t mean that I wanted my child to get sick. It just means that I have to slow down, sit still, hold and comfort my little, and it’s what I need right now as well.


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7 Responses to Weekending

  1. Angela says:

    I hope she gets better soon! Man that was a full weekend! Oh a Waldorf-inspired group, how cool! Now there is taking things into your own hands. I wonder if we could get something like that started here. Hmm. I hope your week slows down!

  2. i understand that. sometimes it takes a sick child to wake us up to the fact we need to slow down. hope she is on the mend soon!

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, busy week for you and you didn’t even leave the city! We’re traveling AGAIN tonight to Arizona and Bill asked if we should take a break. But going there thankfully is a break. Looking forward to major downtime. I hope your kiddos are feeling better this week.

  4. That parade was fun, and the kids were happy to see each other. Looking forward to getting together again. You are one busy woman. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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