The three older kiddos have all been under the weather at some point during the last few days. Still, we’ve managed to find joy in some moments of wellness. There was bowling with grandparents and uncles and their families, a visit to the newly remodeled children’s museum, a rare dinner out (two year olds don’t always make the best restaurant patrons, ahem), and even a beach visit. Now everyone is snuggled up and spread out all over the living room. A beautiful, quiet morning.

They’re *inside* a bubble!



About treesalldance

Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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5 Responses to Weekending

  1. Angela says:

    Lovely! I love being inside a bubble. Your weekend sounds terrific! Congrats on the dinner out sans chi’ren.

  2. adrienne says:

    Awww looks like a great weekend!

  3. Darcel says:

    Fun! We have yet to visit the children’s museum. Looks like a great place for kids. I feel ya on dining out with a toddler. Hope everyone is starting to feel better now.

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