Darcel and her family came over for Family Game Night on Friday, a new tradition we hope to keep going. The kids played, did art, and generally ran around while we all ate and I kicked everyone’s butt in Boggle. We don’t drink and I didn’t think we had any wine, but we did have champagne to offer which everyone found hilarious. Good times. I spent Saturday recovering on the couch from the marathon cleaning we did to make it appear that actual human beings reside here. 😉

Sunday morning, my doorbell rang bright and early. It was the neighborkids with eggs for my kiddos. They decided to have an impromptu Easter Egg hunt and parade. Yes, it was as adorable as it sounds. Later, we hightailed it over to Chippokes Plantation State Park for an Easter Egg hunt on the beautiful grounds. Unfortunately, I underestimated the distance and by the time we arrived, almost all the eggs had been found. No matter, there were snacks, games and the farm to visit.






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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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9 Responses to weekending

  1. Darcel says:

    Oh no you didn’t! I won at least two or three games of Boggle, lol. That was so fun. I need to hurry and get this place in order so we can start having company.

    The kids look so adorable in their Easter attire. Great weekend.

  2. akismet-be7f3ecc0701b38eee01b1ab2e123c30 says:

    the kids all look great in their easter duds! and i’m laughing because i always pick up before people come over…drives the mr. crazy since i have to pick up again after they’ve left…just trying to put my best face forward!

  3. Anna says:

    I honestly love your blog so much. I love the frequent updates and everything you write about. You motivated me to write today too!

    The kids look sooooo dang cute. Dapper boys and lovely girls in their Easter getups. And an impromptu parade? I mean come on. How cute.

  4. aka jules says:

    yes yes yes… your kidlets look adorable all decked out! Looks like a great time despite the fact that you guys arrived late. 🙂 and… thanks for visiting!!

  5. Mama-T says:

    Very sweet! your babies look so grown up in their dressed up party attire! so lovely!

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