(not) homeschooling

My semester is over, and I’m starting summer school in a few weeks. The kids’ school year is also winding down. Planning our “summer school lite” inevitably lead me to think about our school options and what would be best for the upcoming year. I started to bone up on my homeschool related reading and tried to subtly pepper my husband and children with questions related to school choice. I eventually asked the kids if they would like to be homeschooled. Two said yes, one cited being annoyed by the class schedule and the other, being annoyed (not bullied) by the kids in the class. I had to break it to them that annoying schedules and people are not just relegated to school. 😉 I know myself well enough to  know that I can only do one thing at a time very well. If we homeschooled again, either my schooling or theirs would suffer. I’m not willing  to let either happen.

Their new schools seem to be a much better fit or maybe I don’t have as much time to worry about the little things that bother me. Probably a combination of the two. For example, I felt one of the kids needed some extra help and I’ve been really impressed by the school’s willingness to take my concerns seriously. I know it should always be that way, but I’ve definitely had experiences where I felt I was not a welcome participant in guiding my own child’s education. Within a few days of my email to the teacher, I had a meeting with the classroom teachers, vp, and school support staff. It’s been really nice to not feel combative towards the school. In the end, we decided to let the kids continue in public school. We’re all (mostly) happy with the arrangement, so I see no need to change it, at present.


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  1. That is wonderful news. It is a great thing when one part of you life calms down and things are going well. Plus, you get to continue your own school work.

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