Love the place you live: Olde Towne Portsmouth

Saturday morning I went to Portsmouth, primarily for the Olde Towne First Saturday antique and flea market. It’s my new favorite local market. There was something for everyone here! I circled around several times to go to my favorite booths and enjoyed chatting with the vendors. I didn’t bring much cash on purpose because I knew however much I took, I would spend. In the end, what came home with me was a blue canning jar, this little enamelware milk mug from Poland (I use them to grow succulents in my kitchen window), and a crochet doily to make a larger earring holder. Sadly, a few of my favorite items, I had to leave behind. Two beautiful mantels, a campaign nightstand, and a huge lot of vintage, local African American photos. I hope they went to good homes. 😉


After I left the flea market, I walked over to the library book sale. I try really hard not to buy books because of the overflowing shelves in my home, but I did pick up this one. I’ve often admired the beautiful Trinity Church and had a chance to walk through the church yard while out. This man, seeing me taking photos, asked if I could take his (or if he could take mine).

After passing the hydrangeas, the headstone of a soldier from the Revolutionary War, and the Commodore, I crossed the street to the Farmer’s Market. It was tiny, but quite lovely. There were homemade artisan jams, jellies, and bread along with locally grown lavender and honey.

Hungry from the sights and smells at the market, I walked over to The Coffee Shoppe for a quick bite. The place was bustling, and I wish I’d gotten to sit out on the patio and eat, the weather was perfect for it. I really like visiting Olde Towne because it reminds me of Brooklyn, but on a much smaller scale. I highly encourage a trip here for an hour or two if you’re nearby, but not on a Sunday when, in my experience, most of the businesses are closed.

Joining Design Mom and Amanda today.


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2 Responses to Love the place you live: Olde Towne Portsmouth

  1. that sounds like a great way to have some alone time! and the little ceramic mug from poland is adorable 🙂

  2. Darcel says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Wish I could’ve met you there. It’s such a charming area.

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