I’m not supposed to be here

The babe and I should be at one of her weekly activities, but we had a service repairman show up today. That and I’ve been dealing with some nagging tooth pain from a tooth I had filled a few months ago. I know I need a root canal. I just need time to get there mentally. In the meantime, I’m taking antibiotics and Tylenol 3, and feel like crap about half the time. Robo-leg (my new nickname for Luis) is running the house and when I’m not blabbing on twitter, I’m usually moaning on the couch. I need my mommy.

We had a huge storm last night and one of my tomato plants blew down, so we are going to buy heftier supports today. Next year, I hope to plant tomatoes that are more bush than vine. Speaking of vines, the Squash that Ate Virginia (aka Darcel’s fault) is now climbing onto the roof. And I’m letting it because there are two squash growing on that particular vine. Definitely making a trellis next year. I finally put my fall garden in. There is a little more (including kale) in another bed where I uprooted some plants that never bore fruit.

And last, but not least, some pictures to accompany a tweet.

My homemade salve based on this one. Still seeking the perfect combination to help relieve the baby’s eczema.

fresh picked lemon balm
Lemon balm from the children’s garden (w/ salve on the stove in the background)

Dried lemon balm


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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7 Responses to I’m not supposed to be here

  1. Darcel says:

    That squash is not my fault! You didn’t have to take the seeds. I’m jealous of all your homemaking….you make it look effortless.

  2. We just put in our fall garden last week — our first gardening attempt ever, it looks nowhere near as robust as yours. Something has already eaten half of our carrot seedlings but the kale is looking good. I think this is going to be a good year for kale. (That is my NONEXPERT opinion, see previous statement).

    Thanks for the comments on my blog! I am so glad to find yours.

    -Cath @ Where the Watermelons Grow

  3. PS: I had a root canal last year, when we lived in DC, and I was in the same space, mentally. Turns out that it was literally painless, during and after, and I felt 100% better immediately. My doctor told me that a root canal now is a very different beast than the root canals of 20 or even 10 years ago. Good luck!

  4. glossedmimi says:

    Oh gosh! I am the queen of the root canal. I have had four and still have some major work to be done. I am always terrified of the dentist. I’ll do good and then fall off. Then it takes a whole lot of talking myself into making the next appointment and actually showing up, cause I’m good for cancelling. Reminds me I need to make an appointment tomorrow 😦

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