Brooklyn Museum

Saturday was Museum Day Live! and I couldn’t decide where to go. In the end, the Brooklyn Museum won b/c I could walk there and my feet were killing me from the night before. The fact that one of my favorite artists has a brand new exhibition there might have helped too. I’m not her only fan, Solange recently collaborated with her for a teaser for her new video (which is beautifully styled).

There were these beautiful little installations in the exhibition…

The Brooklyn Museum is the museum of my childhood and so I may be biased in my belief that it’s one of the best (it is!). My favorite newish (5 years) part of the museum is the Elizabeth Sackler Center for Feminist Art which has a fascinating installation at present called The Dinner Party. A few other pieces I liked…

Kehinde Wiley’s work is always a treat. Especially for someone like me who loves over the top baroque/rococo stuff. This was on the ceiling.

Skateboards covered with prayer rug remnants!

This woven wall hanging was just stunning. And a Bertoia bush in front of it! Yes, I’m letting all my design nerdiness hang out in this post.

A piece that could be enjoyed by a feminist, a knitter, a mathematician or a feminist knitting mathematician.

I sat outside by the fountain afterward and enjoyed the scenery while contemplating the second half of my day.


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5 Responses to Brooklyn Museum

  1. Darcel says:

    Wow, that looks like an amazing museum. I love those paintings. I could see you living in NY, not GA.

  2. nettie says:

    I love these images!! I have to get the kids there this season. I’d love to see the last exhibition in person.

  3. Love this visit you had! Thanks for sharing-amazing art and people!

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