Dumbo Arts Festival

Saturday afternoon, I headed to the Dumbo Arts Festival. On the way there, I dropped past my old elementary school which was hardly recognizable. It’s now a magnet school and they even have play equipment! When I went there, we had to kick rocks! Ok, maybe not, but it felt like it. There were tons of people outside Grimaldi’s as usual.
I swear, you have to get in line before you’re even hungry if you want to eat there! I headed to Pier 1 b/c there was also a dance festival happening and that was one of the stages.
After watching a dude hop around on one leg with a bucket of water sloshing around (not a modern dance fan) and then this adorable group, I walked over to the children’s area. There was a charging station, so I dropped my cell phone off and wandered around for a few hours, stumbling in and out of artist’s studios.







I even picked up a print for $1 at a sample sale at Sesame Letterpress.

I then met up with one of my longtime online friends for the first time. She’s also a native New Yorker (and an artist!) that moved away and just happened to be in town this weekend We have the same birthday and we both have two boys and two girls. So of course, we’re both supercool! Right? We went to superfine and were sort of disappointed with the limited menu between lunch and dinner, but made the best of it. We wandered the streets some more after eating, eventually making our way to Brooklyn Roasting Company. I don’t drink coffee, but the I love the smell.

After we said goodbye, I stumbled across Dumbelle, The Most Adorable Store Ever and knew immediately that I would have to check it out with Wren on our next trip. I mean, look at the paper dolls! And there were bunting, lanterns, and fringe garlands. I could live in that store!

All in all, Saturday was one of the most creatively inspiring days of my life and it really made me homesick.

More pictures here.


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4 Responses to Dumbo Arts Festival

  1. Darcel says:

    Those paper dolls are adorable! So much to see and do in New York.

  2. Those dolls are amazing. A dude with a bucket?! I am envious of your trip. I love NY! Thanks for sharing! xo

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  4. Anna says:

    This entire post with all of the pictures and your words capturing the vibe of everything makes ME homesick and it’s not even my home.

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