Lynnhaven River Now Fall Fest

Saturday was the second annual Lynnhaven River Now Fall Fest, and I was there! There were tons of people this year, probably due to the location. It was held at the newly acquired Pleasure House Point. There was pedicab service because of the distance of parking areas to Pleasure House which I thought was cool. I’d always been curious about this part of the Beach which is right off the Lesner Bridge, but had never been.

We took a short walk along one of the trails and watched fisherman up close. I chatted with people from many different local organizations, some I am hoping to get involved with myself. I’m hoping to become a master naturalist in the near future, and if I get the courage, lead a local group that I started last year. A parent/child nature group. Talking with the LRNow staff made me even more excited about having a rain garden in my planned garden expansion next year and a rain barrel, too.

We now have a Pearl Home which means we’ve made a series of environmentally friendly choices that are beneficial to the river like replacing grass with garden beds and cleaning up after our dog.

On the way out, I stopped by the light rail referendum table to pick up a “I heart light rail” bumper sticker for my car. Among other things, I see it as an inevitable step to making Virginia Beach a truly modern city as opposed to a pretty little beach town. It’s already been widely successful in neighboring Norfolk. This is a hot topic locally and will be an issue on our November ballot. It’s a huge election year on a national, state, and city level, so I’m making sure I’m as educated as I can be.


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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