Why I don’t give handmade for the holidays

I am a firm believer in thoughtful gift giving. So, unless a close friend or family member requests that I make an item, I don’t give handmade. My time and work is precious to me and I will only share with those who know it, too.

Anyway, on to a few newish projects…

I made a wreath too. #whynot
The bright green of this wreath is not something I would usually pick, but I absolutely love it! The cream colored flower is from a lambswool sweater I accidentally felted and have been cutting up for years for projects. I got the idea from where else? Pinterest.

Newly finished lantern garland
This bunting was supposed to be part of my transitional decorating from Halloween to Christmas/Solstice. I waited too long to finish it though, so I decided to leave out the cream and mustard colors and go with green and red. Instead of stitching them together, I tied the lanterns together with super bulky yarn. I think I have a garland addiction, which is totally fine with me. Next up, trees! If I can figure out how to roll a cone shape. *sigh*


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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5 Responses to Why I don’t give handmade for the holidays

  1. Oh how I get that! I give homemade only if I know the person will like and appreciate it. Last year was the last time I will ever make handmade for folks who don’t appreciate it. I don’t necessarily need a request to make something, but I do make sure the person “gets it”. Also we have so many aides and teachers there is no way to buy all of that stuff-so ballet teachers get foot soaks and others get chocolate-stuff they can eat or giveaway.
    On another note, love you DIY decorations-simply lovely!

  2. Cath says:

    Maybe we should form a garland addition support group? Garlands Anonymous? Can you post a how-to for the lanterns sometime?

    I am making all of my presents for family this year, for the first time ever. Last year, I had some issues with the amount of time I spent online and in stores, looking for the perfect gifts. I would much rather spend that time doing something satisfying and enjoyable than being stressed out and sweaty. Not to mention I think (hope?) they will like the things I am making.

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