Eau d’embarras

A few weeks ago, I got a new circular in the mail from Ulta. Included were a few perfume samples. I’ve worn the same perfume, Chanel No. 5, since I was 16 and  I am sensitive to new scents. So I don’t know what possessed me to open up and try all the perfume samples included in the catalog. It was probably the influence of my three year old. I was surprised and moderately embarrassed that I liked the new Katy Perry perfume. I decided then that when my current bottle of perfume ran out, I would try KP’s. Not a big deal to some, but for me, a person who can be fearful of change, a huge step. That time drew near and so, I decided to check out the new scent at Sephora since I was already in the mall.

At first, I tried not to draw attention to the fact that I was there for KP. But it wasn’t in the women’s fragrance section and I was forced to ask its location. It was on the endcap with the Bieber, 1D, and Taylor Swift fragrances. If I could turn red, I would’ve right then. After the first associate witnessed my humiliation, I couldn’t find those fragrance stick thingies that you use to test the scent. So, I asked another salesperson to help me locate them. She decided to stick around and see which one I was trying. To add to my shame, she tried to quiz my 3 y/o on said pop-stars. Being three and basically mute in public, Lark said nothing. The associate laughed that it was probably a good think Lark didn’t know who they were and moved along.

Relieved I didn’t like KP after all, I pulled hub and the kiddo over to the magical “find your scent” computer hoping for some answers. Did I mention I also had my husband in tow? With the absence of available girlfriends to escort me on such trips, L has received an accidental education on all things makeup, beauty, and fashion over the years. While poking around on the computer, a third salesperson swooped in. When I told him my dilemma, he nodded with sympathy while simultaneously expressing his shock at my wearing No. 5. He said that I was much too “youthful” for that old perfume and proceeded to make some suggestions. There was one I wanted to try, but he didn’t seem a fan, so I skipped it. After a few, I thought I’d found the one and was taking it to the register but began to hesitate. I decided to try Flowerbomb, which was the popular perfume the salesman didn’t favor. And guess what? I loved it!

By this point, I was too mortified to go up to the counter with my choice, fearing looks of disapproval and subtle whispering from the staff about my lack of taste. So, I did what any other socially awkward introvert would do in such a situation. I decided to leave the store and come back when there would probably be new staff on duty. This whole process left L dazed and confused, and not just because he’d sniffed too many perfumes.


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Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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1 Response to Eau d’embarras

  1. quirknjive says:

    Ha! So funny…and awkward…and uncomfortable. I can see myself in that situation! I have a four year old daughter. She too tags along on my excursions. The great thing about little ones is that they don’t find us strange. In fact, they think we’re the greatest…for now.

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