State of the Garden, Early Fall


I find that I have much more produce in the fall than in the summer, no matter when I put my veggies in. The four hardiest items in the garden at present are the rainbow chard which has produced for months on end, tomatoes, purple bell peppers, and chives.

purple bell peppers


I fear a tree in the common area behind my house is threatening to make my backyard almost completely shady in another year or two. However, I may have found a new patch. In what I thought was the shadiest area of the garden, some volunteer tomatoes sprung up! They were somewhat spindly, but it’s still nice to know I can expand if I want to. Maybe grow some greens there. I had a lovely native/herb garden but it poorly planned and so I didn’t have flowers and herbs available for my constant use.


Happy Solstice!

The most significant problem I faced in the garden this year was moles/voles. I received tons of suggestions for getting rid of them, but in the end, I did nothing. That meant losing all my radishes, but I don’t like radishes, so I didn’t mind. Another problem was the seeming lack of bees and other pollinators this year. They may have been around, but I just didn’t see them. I believe this is why my cucumbers and squash suffered. I didn’t harvest a single squash or cucumber.

Squash blossom

Teeny tiny cucumber

There are still a few weeks left until the first frost and I didn’t plant a winter garden. I’m enjoying the green while I can and thinking ahead to next year’s garden.

juliet tomatoes


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