Three things

nailed it

  1. A timely (and totally relevant to my holiday) post from a favorite blog-Redefining Christmas (Without Offending Anyone)
  2. Beyoncé has a new album out today and I was thrilled to hear a track featuring a writer whose work I admire. Read her verse here.
  3. Yesterday, I worked on an anthro inspired garland on and off, restarted it twice, and found I still didn’t like it. Womp womp. Poly felt just didn’t cut it, the strips were too long and too wide and I think I let my new found love of rainbows guide me a bit too much. I did it as pictured above and I also tried a gradient rainbow. Yea…um, no. Didn’t work out. This is my last week of school, so I am now free to spend my days crafting till my fingers fall off! Not really, but a girl can dream, eh?

Have a fabulous weekend!


About treesalldance

Blerd by the beach with a tiny garden, a bunch of kids, and a sense of humor.
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1 Response to Three things

  1. quirknjive says:

    I noticed that I wasn’t getting your posts in my Reader. When I checked the blogs I follow, I noticed yours was no longer listed. I must have inadvertently unfollowed you!!!! So I fixed the problem and am happy to have you back in my Reader. Love your blog!

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