Greetings! I’m Dee, a lover of exclamation points and mom to four kiddos. I’m a native New Yorker now living in southeastern Virginia after a ten year stint in Texas. I love reading, eating greasy Chinese food, knitting and wearing Halloween socks. Sometimes all at once! I like to live on the edge, obviously.

I’m not a photographer, but I play one on the internet. I love to putter around in my garden and I’m sort of obsessed with whatever grows out of my compost. Education, equality, and entertainment are important to me, so feel free to follow along as I rant on twitter.

I can be reached at treesalldance [at] gmail.com

trees all jumpFamily photo by Kimberlin Gray Photography


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  1. Kika says:

    Dee, I hope you don’t find this question inappropriate – I saw your photo in your comment over at FIMBY and have a hair related question for you. I am white and my husband is black-African. Our three children each have different hair. My middle daughter who is 11 years old has super fine but thick hair (as in each strand is very fine but she has tons of it!)with very tight curls. It is so time consuming to brush out (and if she spends even an hour a day is starting over by the next day) so she has chosen to keep it cropped quite short. If she grows it out it has a tendency of forming into dreads. She tried extensions earlier this year but they only lasted a few months. Anyways, I notice your hair is fairly short and gorgeous and wondered if you could offer any hair care tips for my daughter. Do you just pick your hair out or do you have twists? We try to use natural/eco-friendly type products and most of our African friends recommend a product with plenty of chemicals in it that I’d like to avoid.

  2. hsofia says:

    What a cute photo! That is pretty amazing with all the exuberant jumps!

  3. Louisa says:

    great photos Dee, you live an action packed life, so nice to meet you!

  4. Megan says:

    beautiful family! love your blog 🙂

  5. Jerri says:

    I notice your family standing in front of a yurt. You guys live in one? What’s it like?

  6. Alice says:

    Nice family photo! I love it. I think we may imitate you guys very soon. Just came upon your website, I’ve already bookmarked it. I saw that you’re learning French (my first language), how cool is that? 🙂

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