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Holiday books and music

Since becoming a parent, I’ve managed to accumulate a decent collection of holiday books. As happens with things like books and toys, some I sought out, and others were given to us. Here are a few of our favorites: Owl … Continue reading

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Three years ago today

Three years ago today, I was 8 months pregnant! I worked at a job that allowed me to see some of the most unkind (to put it mildly) human behavior. I hated it. Luis’ birthday is tomorrow, so I am … Continue reading

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Fall rhymes and fingerplays

A warm day last fall One thing I do when a new season approaches is evaluate our traditions for that season. Lark (nearly 3) loves music, finger play, rhymes, and repetition, and so I keep a small list of favorite … Continue reading

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Books about Spring

With Lark more interested in the outdoors this year, and my interest in seasonal rhythms, I put together a little list of picture books that would relate to the things we see and do these days.  I always appreciate lists … Continue reading

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all we need to have a good time is a cardboard box! (it’s kinda true) I’m in love with the idea of a simple life, a minimal life, an ascetic life. Sadly (luckily?happily? unfortunately?) the folks I live with aren’t … Continue reading

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